Frequently Asked Questions

Two Main Things:

  1. Inflatables Business Website
  2. Web-Based Customer Booking App


It’s difficult to stress just how easy to create a business with website with CBI. Use our website generator to get it started, add your URL, pick your colors, insert your logo, pictures, address & you’re well on your way.

You will have a professional Inflatables Rental website in a matter of minutes. – Not weeks, not months & not with 1,000s of dollars to get it done.

Booking App

The booking app is everything your inflatables business needs to allow customers to view inventory, make payments & much more.

It is apart of your Click Book Inflatables created website, your existing website that’s elsewhere OR used entirely on its own. Not everyone is a tech-guru so this app was built from the ground-up for inflatables business owners with simplicity in mind yet incredibly powerful features.

Not really a question but we understand the feeling. Book a 30-minute demo & we’ll show you everything our website & booking app offers as well as how easy it is to have everything your business needs online.

Our team is available to assist with as much or as little as needed @ absolutely zero cost.

We put you in full control of everything you envision your business brand. Our website generator is just to get you started with the foundation (which you can stop there). You can customize on your own OR engage our team and we’ll assist every step of the way.

A resounding YES! Nothing you start with or customize is set in stone. Switching your entire look & feel can be done in just a few clicks.

It’s a web-based inflatable business automating machine. It’s the piece of your overall online presence that handles the actual customer bookings, accepts customer payments, sends notifications & let’s you know what rentals you have going out. 

Your website is the glitz and glamor aimed towards your customers, the booking app is where you manage your business. From a customers stand-point, they never know they’ve technically left your website.

Because we like to provide options.

Many inflatable rental businesses have a functioning website & just need software to help automate. Our booking app can tie into any website with ease.

Other businesses may be functioning just fine with phone calls, emails & tracking everything in Excel. What they really need is a website to help increase their online presence & start getting more customer’s attention. This is why we offer stand-alone website.

For those that want the whole online solution, we provide both the website and booking app (at a discount) which are natively tied together to function as a single system.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

There are 3 simple ways to get customers to your website.

  1. Tell them (print, referrals, Facebook, etc)
  2. Pay for ads (Typically 100s of dollars a month)
  3. Search. Engine. Optimization.

Simply put, Google is the king of getting answers. When someone searches ‘Bounce House Rentals Near Me’, Google instantly factors in thousands of factors to provide what their algorithm indicates is the best answer.

Everything we do at Click Book Inflatables is done with SEO in mind to ensure that your website comes up as high as possible when customers are searching for your services. Researched key terms, proper website structure, responsiveness.

No SEO starts and stop just with a website. We also offer free ‘SEO Training’ as apart of our User Hub to help you take your online presence to the next level.

  • Find your beautiful website
  • Check availability
  • Get in contact quickly (live chat, email, contact forms, 1-click dials)
  • Book their inflatable rentals
  • Pay for their rentals

The process for your customers is so incredibly simple and professional. We guarantee they’ll be expressing their satisfaction during your deliveries.

Nope. It’s all pay as you go. We of course offer discounts to our loyal customers who choose an annual plan over monthly.

Not one bit. Purchase a website solution and you’re geared with all tools & functionality from day 1. Purchase the booking app & you’ve got every single feature. Purchase them both and of course you’ve got it all (but with a discount 👍)

If you feel the grass might be greener elsewhere, we will bid you farewell and have tools in place to send you with everything you’ve done on your website. No hours will ever be wasted on your end. Just cancel or stop paying… Simple.

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